Stories & Testimonials

“Thanks to you, I have a new handicapped accessible bathroom for my aging in-laws, who have moved in with us.”


“HFLA rocks! I needed a used car to provide me transportation to and from my first job after college. HFLA was there to provide me with an interest free loan to help me purchase a used reliable Honda Civic that perfectly met my needs.”


“Weddings are a blessing, but also an unexpected expense. The HFLA gave us an interest free loan to help offset our portion of this simcha.”

Mr. & Mrs. C

“After going to a Mesilla class about family finances, we realized that our credit card debt and interest payments were way too high. We consolidated our credit cards and renegotiated our debt. Then HFLA gave us $5,000 to completely pay off our credit card debt and get us back on our feet.”

M & R

“We didn’t realize how expensive tuition would be for our daughter, Devorah, recently diagnosed with dyslexia.” Even with an assessed reduction in tuition, the local private school that could best service Devorah, was beyond their capabilities. With the help of HFLA, Devorah’s parents were able to secure an education loan so their daughter could attend the school that would best meet her needs.”

Mike H.

Sam works in food service at a local university. During college break, when his job was on hiatus, he fell behind on his car and car insurance payments. He came to the HFLA for a small “bridge” loan in order to keep up with those payments. He would be able to repay this loan after his job would resume next semester. HFLA was happy to keep Sam insured and driving.

Daniel wanted to start a new business. His friend directed him to the HFLA to apply for an interest-free business loan. The rest, as they say, is history. Daniel met with the HFLA to tell about his idea, and showed them his business plan. Together, they came up with an appropriate repayment schedule to make Daniel’s dream a reality. “They saved the day, I couldn’t have done it without them. Hebrew Free Loan does great things for Jewish entrepreneurs,” Daniel is still amazed that his Jewish community was able to support his entrepreneurial pursuits. “It’s a really wonderful thing,” said Daniel. “I’m a big fan of Hebrew Free Loan!”

When Julie K’s family needed help with the medical bills that mounted after her treatment for breast cancer, a neighbor suggested they seek help from the HFLA. “The interest-free loan we were able to get enabled us to pay our bills, and get our footing after a really trying time for our family,” Julie says. “The loan officer treated us with compassion and respect. I am so grateful for having a place to turn when we really needed someone.

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Please stop by our office Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM for a loan interview, or just to obtain more information. All loan information and conditions are confidential. We are located in the Henry and Jeanette Weinberg Building next door to the Park Heights JCC. We have our own entrance on the far right corner of the building.