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A Short Conversation with the President of HFLA Baltimore

WhereWhatWhen Magazine – February 2021
For over 120 years, the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Baltimore (HFLA) has provided interest-free loans to our local Jewish community, When it was founded in 1898, the HFLA may have helped a new immigrant peddler start a business by lending him money to buy a horse and cart. Today we provide interest-free loans for a host of needs, ranging from medical and detail bills to bar and bat mitzvah
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Hebrew Free Loan Can Help: Just Ask

Baltimore Jewish Times – November 17,2017
Hebrew Free Loan Association of Baltimore may be one of the best-kept secrets in the Jewish community, although president Steve Meizlish said he wants more people to know about the longstanding community organization that helps people facing unexpected financial crises with interest-free loans. Founded in 1898, Meizlish said the group was started with immigrants lending to other immigrants.
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Baltimore Ashkelon Loan Fund Update

Maryland Israel Development Center – 2016
During its 25-year history, the MIDC has created economic development programs for The Associated’s Israeli sister cities, including Ashkelon since the founding of the relationship in 2003. Ashkelon is the southernmost Israeli city on the Mediterranean coast. The MIDC launched a series of small business loan funds to help companies grow and create jobs. The original fund was $300,000 and provided small loans up to $10,000 for Ashkelon based small businesses.
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HFLA Wants to Lend You Money

Congregational Bulletin from Oheb Shalom – March 2012
Like most Jewish communities, Baltimore is blessed to have a Hebrew Free Loan Association as one of its oldest communal institutions. Originally founded in 1898 to help Eastern European Jewish immigrants deal with short term emergencies, the Hebrew Free Loan Association does not charge interest for its two year loans. Based on the principle stated in Exodus 22:24 “If you lend money to my people..
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Jewish Interest Free Loan Association
Operating from dozens of locations, the Jewish Free Loan Association provides assistance to individuals. Note the restrictions in that that some only lend money within the Jewish community, and others offer help to people of all religions, faiths, and backgrounds. This form of interest free financing can help individuals or families that are faced with a short term, one time type crisis situation. 
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Free Loans to Aid the Deserving

Baltimore Sun – June 16, 1935
The caller was welcome. He was cheerfully greeted by a small group of men who sat around a large square table in a dimly lit room of an East Baltimore street house. It was early evening. A card, presented by the visitor, was passed around the table. Each man at the table read it and signed denoting approval. No questions were asked. In a few moments the caller was escorted to an adjoining office where he received $50 in case.
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