From Pushcarts to Personal Computers. Helping People Help Themselves.

For over 100 years the Hebrew Free Loan Association has provided interest-free loans. When it was founded in 1898, HFLA may have helped a peddler start a business by lending him money to buy a horse and cart. Today, a would-be entrepreneur is more likely to need a computer than a horse, but the principle is the same.

Each loan we approve is another brick added to the building of our community. Those people who receive loans are the mortar that strengthens and holds that community together. Whether you have a family emergency or a bar mitzvah to plan, doctors’ bills or a home in need of repair, Hebrew Free Loan can help. We offer loans for a variety of needs, including:

• Adoption
• Business Start-Up or Expansion
• Debt Consolidation
• Education
• Emergencies
• Home Repair
• Immigrant Resettlement
• Job Training
• Medical/Dental Bills
• Religious Observances
• Transportation Needs
• Work Expenses

We offer interest-free loans to members of the Baltimore metropolitan Jewish community who:

• Need the money for worth-while purposes
• Are unable to obtain a loan elsewhere
• Are able to repay the loan over a reasonable period of time

If this sounds like you, we hope you will come see us. All applicants must appear in person. Our office is open Thursdays from 7 – 8:30 p.m. All loan information and conditions are confidential.

Hebrew Free Loan is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are fully tax deductible.

Hebrew Free Loan Association
5752 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215
410-466-9200, ext. 216

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